What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

A compare and contrast essay allows a writer to explore the similarities and differences between the two subjects of the same field. In doing so, he/she researches both issues before making the comparison.

Choosing a compare and contrast topic

When selecting a compare and contrast topic, you need to consider the following points. The subjects should:

Starting your essay

In the introduction of your essay, state clearly, why you are comparing the two subjects. So in your introduction, give a few reasons as to why the comparison is valid. 

60 Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics


  1. To vaccinate newborns or not
  2. Which is better: Wheat and Corn grain
  3. Traditional vs. orthodox medical approaches
  4. Differences and similarities between Phycology vs. Psychiatry
  5. Junk food vs. home-cooked food


  1. Juvenile and adult criminal justice
  2. Criminal vs. Civil justice
  3. Criminal suite vs. civil suite
  4. Comparing the law systems of the 19th centuries with the 20th century


  1. Blues vs. RNB music
  2. Straus vs. Beethoven
  3. Rap music vs. jazz music
  4. Pop music vs. classical music
  5. Listening to live music vs. playing music
  6. Compare different instruments, piano vs. organ

Modern Technologies

  1. iOS vs. Android
  2. Facebook vs. Twitter
  3. 2D vs. 3D pictures
  4. Text messages vs. writing letters
  5. Snapchat vs. Instagram
  6. Like vs. TikTok

Social studies

  1. Full-time office job vs. Freelancing
  2. Child upbringing in career families vs. child unbringing in families with parents staying at home
  3. Gender roles in Western and Eastern Worlds
  4. Immigration vs. Emigration
  5. Online dating vs. real dating
  6. Introverts vs. extraverts


  1. Islam vs. Christianity
  2. Catholic vs. Protestant
  3. Traditional religion vs. Sect
  4. Christianity in the USA vs. Christianity in England
  5. Monotheism vs. Polytheism


  1. Speech-language vs. written language
  2. Natural languages vs. artificial languages


  1. Maya vs. Aztecs civilizations
  2. Lincoln vs. Washington
  3. England’s colonies in Africa and India
  4. Monarchy vs. Presidency
  5. Republican vs. Democrat
  6. Democracy vs. authoritarianism
  7. American Government vs. German government (or any other)


  1. Compare two art eras, like Modern art. Vs. Contemporary art
  2. Compare two artists, like Leonardo da Vinci vs. Pablo Picas
  3. Compare two art movements, e.g., Surrealism vs. Expressionism


  1. Book vs. movie
  2. Compare book or movie characters
  3. Compare favorite bands
  4. Compare two-season movies
  5. Compare computer games
  6. Traveling by train vs. Traveling by plane
  7. Private transportation vs. Public transportation
  8. Living in a hostel vs. living with parents
  9. School vs. College
  10. Coffee vs. Tea
  11. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
  12. Gym vs. street workout
  13. Poetry vs. Prose
  14. Fiction vs. nonfiction
  15. Childhood vs. Adulthood


You can choose one of the above topics for your next compare and contrast essay. Nonetheless, you may also create one for yourself when the need arises. You can also rely on professional essay writers when you need help.

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