Tips On How To Come Up With Strong Essay Topics About Kindness

You may be asked to write an essay that is about humanity, compassion, love, sympathy and concern. All these refer to kindness. There are different acts of kindness. When you want to write an essay on kindness, you have to concentrate on highlighting your concern for others. Kindness is recognized as a value in many regions and cultures. For you to come up with a strong topic, you have to consider the different definitions of kindness. For instance, Mark Twain defines kindness as a language spoken by the dumb, which can be heard by the deaf, and which can be seen by the blind.

This article looks at the different definitions of kindness and how you can think along these definitions when deriving a topic for your essay on kindness.

  1. Kindness in religion
  2. Kindness in philosophy
  3. Kindness in psychology.

Kindness in religion

Kindness is one of the 7 virtues, according to the Bible. It is one of the contrary virtues. For instance, kindness is the direct opposite of envy. One of the sacred Jews scriptures, Talmud, also states the significance of kindness. It claims that the weight of kind deeds is equal to the weight of all of the commandments. You should think of an essay topic that brings out kind deeds as a virtue. Instead of writing about how the person was envious of another, highlight how the person did a good thing by helping out the other.

Kindness in philosophy

Kindness is viewed as an emotion which makes man to want to help those that are in need or less fortunate. This act of kindness is born out of nature. The essay topic that you would like to come up with should focus on acts whose main objective is for the good of other and not acts intended for the benefit of the individual. That is, in philosophy, kindness is one of the knightly virtues.

Kindness in psychology

In a study of more than 37 cultures around the world, 16,000 subjects said that their most desirable trait they would like their mates to possess was kindness. This shows that in relationships, people appreciate kindness more than even intelligence. You can think of an essay topic on kindness along this line.


The essay topic that you choose should be able to direct you to write about how to comfort, strengthen and encourage others. If you would like to learn more on how to derive a topic on kindness, get professional help from this site.

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